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Riding the Spirit Wind by John Myerson and Robert Greenebaum, is by my mentor John Myerson and is a great introduction to Shamanic Healing. Included are stories drawn from John's 25 years in practice which are followed by brief interviews to go into some of the theoretical aspects of each case.

John Myerson's second book, Voices From the Other Side of the couch: A Warrior's view of Shamanic Healing, is also a great read, it is written for people who are looking to understand shamanic experiences that they've already had. Looking back at the people he's worked with, John noticed certain patterns to people's shamanic experience. This book is an exploration of those patterns. John talks about different typologies within this book, such as seer, feeler, warrior, and aphrodite. The goal is to help people understand their own type of experience, not fit themselves into a mold. As John once told me about his own thoughts, if they help you to grow, then use them, if not, throw them out.

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